Attractive packaging to ensure food quality and safety


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If you’re in the food industry you’ll know that for your products to sell well they need to be packaged attractively in a way that will entice consumers to buy. However, it’s also important to strike the balance between attractive packaging and the quality and safety of the food inside.

Different foods need different packaging

Of course different types of food require very different methods of packaging. Crisps or sweets, for example, will stay fresh when packaged in bags, whilst chilled fruit juice needs to be stored and displayed in robust cartons. There are a number of specialist food packaging companies based throughout the UK, all offering different packaging services, from simple bagging and box packing, through to chilled production and highly accurate computer controlled weighing.

What to look for

When choosing a food packaging company for your products, what do you need to look for? Ensuring the quality and safety of your products is paramount and so the first thing to check that the company you intend to use not only maintains disciplined, rigorous food safety systems, but that they also meet the relevant standards for food safety.

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is the world’s premier food safety and packaging systems initiative for packaging companies. Awarded to companies operating with the highest standards of quality, hygiene, innovation and customer satisfaction, the BRC Global Standard award offers reassurance that your products are in the best possible hands. Good quality packaging companies, like Marsden Packaging, will always conform to the standards for food safety as a matter of course.

The BRC Packaging Standard can be awarded to any company which produces packaging materials for any type of products, from food products through to consumer items. Designed to help manufacturers adopt and maintain excellent standards, companies which have been awarded the BRC Packaging Standard have a proven commitment to food safety and quality.

The Food Standards Agency is responsible for helping to ensure the quality of the food we eat and the safety of the packaging that food is sold in. When food is packaged for sale it comes into contact with containers and wrapping, along with articles used to handle the food during the packaging process, such as utensils and processing machinery. High standards are set by the Food Standards Agency covering a wide range of packaging processes and materials, including aluminium and plastics, cling-film, labelling and the re-use of packaging. The Food Standards Agency works with local authority food law enforcement officers to ensure that the relevant food law is applied during packaging and any reputable food packaging company should be happy to provide copies of any inspections and audits which they have undergone.

Shop around before choosing a packing company

So whether you’re new to the food industry or an experienced manufacturer, finding the perfect packaging to increase sales and ensure the safety of the product inside is essential. When choosing a packaging company to handle your product packaging requirements, it’s important to work with a reputable company with experience of handling the type of food you produce so don’t be afraid to ask to see full details of their range of services.

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