Co packing services for businesses of all shapes and sizes

http://www.marsdenpackaging.comContract packing, or co packing as it’s widely known, is a term which is used to cover a wide range of packing and packaging services designed to cover everything from gift packaging, through to production processing and preparing products for export overseas. An extensive range of different co packing services are available and this article covers just a few.

Gift packing for seasonal product promotions

Depending on the type of business you run, there’s certain to be a co packing service designed to meet your needs perfectly. Gift packing, for example can be used as a way to package products to maximise seasonal sales, such as at Christmas or Easter. Gift packing services are offered by a range of co packing companies throughout the UK and because this service is normally carried out by hand, the expertise of skilled packing teams will be required.

Hand packing

Hand packing is ideal for use in packing projects where machine packing is simply not an option. To be efficient, hand packing should be carried out by skilled, experience packing teams to minimise the risk of missing components, damage to goods or incorrect labelling. Hand packing services are widely offered by co packing companies and can hand packing can also be used to rectify pack quality issues, including re-labelling or re-packing into a different format.

Collation and assembly co packing

Co packing services designed to cover the kitting, collation and assembly of different products or components can be used to packing small items such as toy kits into a single packaged unit, ready for distribution and sale. This type of co packing operation can also include elements such as counting products or placing items into specially designed packaging, which means that collation and assembly is normally carried out by hand.

Combine different products with sleeving

Sleeving is the perfect way to combine several products using film, such as multipacks, buy-one-get-one-free offers or product promotions. The majority of sleeving processes use shrink film, however some products are better suited to stretch plastic sleeves. Shrink film sleeves are applied using steam or hot air and sleeving can offer a high-quality, useful way to label a wide range of containers and bottles.

Shrink wrapping offers versatile packing protection

One of the most widely used co packing services is shrink wrapping. Offering a versatile, neat way to package a range of products, shrink wrapping can be used when packing products for transit or for collating items into multi-packs. We asked John at Marsden Packaging to give us his views.  “When higher quality plastic films are used, shrink wrapping can be used to protect a range of products such as boxed games or toys.” For more information contact Marsden Packaging at

Flow wrapping

Flow wrapping is another co packing services which is widely offered: suitable for everything from packets of sweets and crisps through to scratch cards, flow wrapping provides simple yet effective packaging. The flow wrapping process wraps film around a product before crimping a seal along the length of the pack and at either end. This method of packaging is sometimes also known as horizontal form-fill-seal.